Rema 1000. Discount with a Purpose.

The Norwegian discount supermarket, REMA 1000, is thriving in Denmark. High-quality products at a low price point resonate with the Danish consumers, making the grocery chain a favorite in the market.

Yet, price won’t win over the Danish consumers alone. High demands for quality and social responsibility shouldn’t be compromised. As a company based on strong values, REMA 1000 has taken upon their shoulders to source more products locally and offer products that prevent food waste. Without having to up the price, of course.

With our new design strategy and packaging concept for REMA 1000’s own label, the Norwegian supermarket highlights responsibility and quality – while letting the price speak for itself.

The new design invites for greater interaction. Whether that is firing up the barbecue, applying lotion or cooking up a stew. With a dynamic, welcoming and easy-to-understand design, taste and quality are communicated more clearly. Each product tells a short story about the product, its flavour, source or use.

In the fight for attention, REMA 1000’s new packaging design stands out and signals familiarity, transparency and high quality, without losing recognition from the brand the consumer already know. The design is now more bold and confident while emphasising the products benefits, history and origin – and not just discount.