Democratising Kombucha. A New Exclusive Brand by Læsk for IKEA.

Every year, IKEA invites the world to take part in their Democratic Design Days. This year, we’ve been lucky enough to take part in what we see as the event’s biggest news story. The launch of a new kombucha brand by our friends from Læsk, made exclusive for IKEA. And designed by us.

The new brand adds boldness and freshness – not to forget fermentation – to the food offerings of IKEA. However, rather than your usual ready-to-drink options, the new Læsk kombucha is a DIY experience in line with IKEA’s iconic products.

And like (most) IKEA products, it’s easy as 1, 2, 3. First, you brew tea, mix in some sugar and then add a can of kombucha. Then it’s alive and ready. A simple journey that was the inspiration for the design experience too. Together with the usual touch of Læsk’s tongue-in-cheekiness, that is.

The kombucha kit was revealed at the Democratic Design Days and selected as this year’s food news in IKEA. The first launch is in Prague, then the world.