Small Sharks & Big Fish. Join our Breakfast Club on November 30.

Small brands are challenging the big and established brands by creating new niches and accommodating consumers’ growing curiosity.

On November 30, we will host a morning talk on being a small shark in a sea of big fish. Join us and hear the story of two of the most exciting Danish drinks start-ups, Læsk and ISH Spirits. We’ll talk about what the major brands can learn from the new ones and vice versa. The event is in Danish.

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Who will give a talk?

Line Hoff – Læsk, Founder – is a trained architect but since 2015 she has worked on revolutionising the beverage market. Her fermented soft drinks brand Læsk is sold at numerous restaurants and stores across Denmark. We believe she is one of the next Danish beverage pioneers.

Morten Sørensen – ISH Spirits, Founder – found his company in 2018 as an alcohol-free alternative to gin and rum. ISH Spirits is on the shelves at more than 100 stores and meets a growing demand for alternatives to liquor with compromising flavour and experience.

Christian Halsted – Everland, Strategy Director & Partner – has worked with consumer brands both in Denmark and internationally. In close collaboration with clients, he creates the brands of the future that drive positive impact.

What is Everland Breakfast Club?

With a focus on brands, design and shopper tendencies, we will host a series of talks that discuss consumer relevance in a time where constant change is part of every day for all FMCG marketers.

All talks draw on Everland’s experience from working with Danish and international brands which will present a view on what is in store for the future and what role brands will play from now on.

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