Acknowledging expertise. Four promotions at Everland.

Pia, Pernille, Martin and Jonathan have been part of our team for years and helped us craft engaging experiences that spark happiness. That is why we are immensely proud to announce their promotions as of today.

Jonathan, Martin and Pia have shown themselves to be invaluable members of our team through dedication and high-quality client work over the course of several years. Their promotions mean they will join our senior level as designer and artworkers, respectively.

Pernille steps into the new position of Design Lead, which will help us raise the bar when it comes to crafting impactful design experiences. As a Design Lead, Pernille will continue to work closely with our clients to translate ambitious brand strategies into creative solutions that engage and matter.

“I’m thrilled and pleased to work with such talented people. Besides having great personalities, their creativity and commitment push all of us to strive for better solutions. I’m really excited for the future of Everland and look forward to continue working with some of the best in our industry”, adds Mikael Tonning, Design Director & Partner.