Carlsberg 1883. Using the Past as a Catalyst into the Future.

Carlsberg‘s new lager, Carlsberg 1883, is somehow also their first. Most of all, it’s a testimony to the brewery’s proud heritage. For a short trip down memory lane, please keep reading.

Last year Carlsberg celebrated their laboratory’s 140-year anniversary with the release of a limited edition beer, Rebrew. Carlsberg carefully extracted yeast from the first beer ever to be made on pure yeast in 1883 to create the Rebrew. The successful experiment resulted in a decision to launch a lager on the Danish market made on the original yeast and original recipe.

Now, the 134-year-old yeast is back in brew for all to taste.

Christian Halsted, Strategy Director, comments, “Carlsberg 1883 is really the father of all modern beers. The fact that Carlsberg continues to experiment and refine beer making is part of the company’s DNA and why this collaboration is particularly exciting. But during the process, we came to realise that Carlsberg 1883 is not just a story of Carlsberg or Emil Chr. Hansen’s scientific breakthrough. Due to their immense influence on beer, 1883 has become synonymous with the story of all the lagers of the world.”

1883 marks the year when Carlsberg invented the method for producing pure yeast. At the time, breweries all over the world were struggling with their own yeast production. In a true open-source manner, Carlsberg decided to share their pure yeast with other breweries for everybody to brew quality beer in every batch. Indeed, sharing is caring.

In developing the design, Carlsberg and Everland examined the history of the beer labels. From the red and yellow brand colours to Bindesbøll’s hop-inspired logo. The site of the brewery in Valby to the proud signature of the brewer himself. The result is a homage to the past, yet adapted to Carlsberg’s modern-day portfolio.

”Combining an old 19th-century design with today’s Carlsberg policies aren’t easy. You need to keep the respect of the old first version while still showing this is a Carlsberg of today. I think Everland have delivered very strong design for us. It has the right respect for history, it contains standout, – and most importantly – it is simply beautiful,” Jeppe Boel, Marketing Head Carlsberg Brand, DK.

Carlsberg 1883 is a light and semi-sweet lager with a scent of malt and caramel brewed on the original recipe and on the world’s first pure yeast.

Experience history yourself and get a taste of 1883 from today.