We bring consumer brands to life


In a fast-moving world, brands need to follow pace to be relevant. To let Indonesian beverage brand Mizone’s innovative spirit shine through, the brand looked to revise its position in the market through a complete redesign. We helped the market leader rejuvenate the brand experience with a more contemporary, energetic and vivid expression.

Mizone’s active and fresh attitude to life also comes to show in their new and more urban design. We refreshed the logo and updated their illustration style, campaign and outdoor visuals, POS- and in-store elements to give the brand the boost it deserved.

The energetic attitude also comes to show in the new pop-up store elements, which we developed with the spatial team at our sister company Kontrapunkt. Different and flexible modules make it possible to create a dynamic flow and a relaxed setting that invites shoppers to interact with the brand. Every aspect of the design from shapes and materials to edges and colours is chosen to create an ambience that reflects Mizone and its audience.