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Back ON After OFFF. Output Depends on Input.


Last month, Everland and Kontrapunkt were at the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona for the OFFF festival 2018. And our annual summer party not to forget. Now we’re back and oh boy did Barcelona not let us down.

“Inspiration without action is bullshit”. Five inspirational words American artist James Victore slung together in his talk. Don’t come to OFFF and stay the same he bellowed. Both the talent at OFFF and the city in itself provided us with an inspiration overload and we’re all embracing the creative kick.

Besides Barcelona’s bustling energy, some of our highlights were Patrick Clair, the man behind title sequences of shows like Westworld and True Detective. Design heavyweight Stefan Sagmeister was another highlight, with his delineating of the importance of happiness. Something we, at Everland, only can agree with.

Malika Favre blew us away with her recognisable style and beautifully bold vector illustrations. Jordy van den Nieuwendijk’s revelations of a long personal journey to find his own style was truly enlightening and last Tiffani Jones Brown, editorial director at Dropbox, gave us some very personal and powerful ways to prevent burnouts. Personally and professionally.

Sharing personal stories, experiences and motivations seemed to be a common theme across many of this years OFFF speakers. The human side of our profession and not just the results of the work itself. The conclusion being to act on our inspiration, create bold work while taking care of ourselves. All while sparking some happiness of course!

Rasmus Petersen