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Ole Kristoffersen and Steen Skallebæk had an ambition. They wanted to put better bread on the table. In the middle of Copenhagen, they sat up their first shop at Christianshavn. Soon after, lines formed from the entrance and down the road. Copenhagen fell in love with the delicious bread from these two talented bakers who quickly saw potential beyond their shop at Christianshavn.

Fast forward 10 years and Lagkagehuset has conquered the whole of Denmark. With 79 shops across the country, they treat Danes with their crunchy loaves of bread, coffee, juices and pastries. Now, it is time for Lagkagehuset to take on the world.

We helped them update and revise their packaging design to work abroad and reflect their Scandinavian roots. The result is an elegant, modern and refined design that encapsulates their wide range of products – from sandwiches to Halloween cookies. The design shows how design can cross borders and proudly show the Danish heritage that makes up this contemporary and progressive quality bakery.

Stop by one of the bakeries in Denmark, London or New York and pick up a cookie or coffee and enjoy quality products – along with the revised design.

Lagkagehuset Chilling 01 (2-3).jpg
Lagkagehuset Kaffebryg 01 (2-3).jpg
Lagkagehuset Facade 01 (2-3).jpg
Lagkagehuset Facade 02 (2-3).jpg
Lagkagehuset Juice 02 (2-3).jpg
Lagkagehuset Kaffekop 02 (2-3).jpg
Lagkagehuset Kaffepose 03 (2-3).jpg