Syngja. 99% Normal.

At Everland, we help established brands thrive on street level and up-coming brands expand their foothold. Our work with the former helps us advise the latter, and vice versa.

Over the past six months we have worked with a new Danish beverage brand, Syngja. As the world’s only manufacturer of cricket-enriched shots and juices, this isn’t your regular thirst quencher. It’s complex, peculiar, inspired, idealistic and then Syngja has that subtle taste of umami that isn’t normally associated with juice. But then again, Syngja is anything but normal.

“Syngja is special. Special in the most positive sense, that is. We have tried to find the right balance between juice and crickets to underline the particularity, yet still, make it accessible. It’s always great fun working with such a courageous team as the Syngja guys and defining a brand new sub-category,” says Christian Halsted, Strategy Director & Partner at Everland.

From positioning to naming and identity to packaging design, Everland and Syngja have been working together to introduce the new Syngja to the market right in time for the summer. And what better place to launch than Roskilde Festival, where the first “orange” limited edition will be introduced alongside veggie burgers with a cricket-yoghurt-parsley sprinkle. Bon appétit!

Our design for Syngja has found inspiration in the symmetric anatomy of insects. With no sub-category to tap into, we also looked to create a new beverage style altogether. A visual universe that doesn’t look like juice necessarily yet conveys the organic complexity, vitality and unexpectedness of Syngja. 99% normal juice and 100% original design.