Nørregade. Bright Coloured Bonbon Shots.

Nørregade is one of the oldest bonbon makers in Denmark. Since 1924 they have produced hard candy with respect for craftsmanship and traditions. Popular across Denmark, United Drinks came up with the idea of taking some of Nørregade’s best selling bonbons and mix them with vodka to make a tasteful liquorice spirit out of it.

Everland’s starting point for the design were the sweets themselves. Bright coloured stripes and iconic combinations, immediately associated with the classic Nørregade products. Rather than working on a small label, the stripes have been applied as a full-bottle design to make it as true to the bonbons themselves. The full-bottle design also gives a strong stand-out and represents the playfulness and happiness of the candy universe of Nørregade.

Launched in Denmark in 2017, Nørregade Shots are sold in retail and bars across the country. They are enjoyed by older generations as a reminder of their youth (having grown up with Nørregade bonbons) and younger segments who prefer sweeter and more flavourful spirits.