Aqua d’Or. A Design Icon in the Making.

Aqua d’Or might, at first, just seem like water. But look closer and you will find a 300-year long journey through Danish nature. We helped Danone’s Danish water brand develop a new position, design and a range of line extensions dialling up the purity and premiumness of the inside on the outside.

The new brand universe is aimed at a younger and more urban segment who values honesty in brands. We emphasised the transparency through a more contemporary design that reflects the people drinking Aqua d’Or rather than the origin of the content.

“Not only did Everland buy into our vision for the Aqua d’Or brand restage, they also added to it and put a face on it. And what a face! Everland helped Aqua d’Or move from generic bottles of water to genuine objects of desire. The designers managed to capture the essence of the brief to deliver a bold yet simple, pure, and functional solution, in the very tradition of Danish design. The impact on consumers and sales was almost immediate,” says Romain Jolivet, Marketing Director at Aqua d’Or.

Strategy Director at Everland, Christian Halsted, adds, “Transparency and honesty are two sides of the same coin. Rather than visual clichées about icebergs and glaciers, we looked to distil the 300-year long journey into the design in order to credibly underline a new more premium positioning. No window-dressing, just a really simple expression of purity.”

The strategic foundation and design is an evolution of some of the previous work Everland and Aqua d’Or have done together, which includes the bottle design itself.

“Some things you know just taste good merely from looking at it. Before you start drinking you get a sense of the pure water that has been tapped directly from the Danish underground after 300 years of filtration”, says Mikael Tonning, Design Director.

Within the water category, Aqua d’Or has moved from number 4 to number 1 in one year according to Nielsen. Shortly after the design was introduced, in February 2018, Aqua d’Or reached its highest ever value market share, at 13.7%.

Building on the brand’s continued ambitions, Aqua d’Or and Everland have revamped the entire range of products in the portfolio, which will be released over the course of the spring of 2018.