KiMs. The French Connection.

Danish crisp brand KiMs has a thing or two for potatoes. With their two new varieties, Små Franske Kartofler (Small French Potato Chips) and Krydrede Franske Kartofler (Seasoned French Potato Chips), they have gone back to the basics and emphasised the raw and natural ingredients of their crispy snack.

Designed by Everland, the new crisps provide a glimpse into the kitchen and show the herbs that make up the rich flavours. It tells the story of the process from raw ingredient over preparation to the final tasteful product.

The new packaging design builds on the recognisable KiMs’ design while adding a new appetising look and feel that adds to the overall product experience. KiMs’ Små Franske Kartofler and Krydrede Franske Kartofler are in stores now. Bon appétit!