Less Blah, More Do

Buy one get one free. Deal of the day. Last chance. Buy now.

Brands today risk competing on noise, clutter and confusion. 
A game of blah blah, ding dong, bling bling and ta-dah.

We believe design is a consumer brand’s most critical marketing asset in influencing shoppers at the point of purchase. It drives demand, promotes clarity and reflects purpose.

At Everland, we bring brands to life by designing engaging shopper experiences that spark happiness. Less blah, more do.


Specialism Doesn’t Come Easy

To remain at the forefront of consumer branding, shopper design and graphic implementation, Everland works with ambitious brands of many shapes and sizes. Our no-exclusivity policy keeps our work fresh and project teams on top of the latest category developments. All with absolute confidentiality.

Our team consists of 30+ people working out of Copenhagen, Denmark. Everland is part of Kontrapunkt Group, a leading international design company.


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